Dive! Dive! Dive!

View passing ships with your very own submarine periscope!

Sun/moon and ships move slowly across the screen throughout the day, so the time can been seen through the scope even with the clock turned off.

Sunrise and sunset are at 6am/6pm, with the sun or moon directly above at midday/midnight. Ships sail slowly across the screen from right to left each hour so minutes can be roughly guessed at.

Available for all colour Pebbles but looks best on the Pebble Time Round.

Download now from the Pebble app store

Roku Launcher

(Previously known as NOW TV for Pebble)
Channel launcher and eyes-free remote control for Roku and NOW TV.

31/01/16 – Version 2.0 released. Now fully supports Roku boxes and includes BBC iPlayer and YouTube listings

Download now from the Pebble app store


  • Browse NOW TV Movies and Entertainment listings, BBC iPlayer, and YouTube from your Pebble.
  • Search by voice (supported models only) or by using Tertiary Text on older models.
  • Send programmes directly to your Roku / NOW TV box ready for viewing
  • 3 remote functions per button for eyes free control


Which Tinyhead will you create?

Choose from a selection of hair, eyes, noses and mouths to create your own pixel art style Tinyhead watchface. Digital time displayed on a flick of the wrist, or for those wanting an easier view of the time analog hands can be shown over the Tinyhead.

15/12/16 – Santa hat update. Because everything looks better in a santa hat.

8/10/16 – Halloween Update. Spooky features to create vampires, werewolves, ghouls, pumpkins, monsters, and more!

Download now from the Pebble app store


  • Customisable Tinyheads
  • Time shown on wrist flick
  • Pebble Time ready
  • 5 colours on Pebble, 343 on Pebble Time
  • Optional analog clock

Note: Tinyheads was formerly known as Pebbleheads

Aliens Motion Tracker Watchface

The Colonial Marines motion tracker from Aliens recreated as a dynamic Pebble watchface.

Now you can finally become the Colonial Marine of your childhood dreams 🙂

Download now from the Pebble app store


  • Motion tracker turns as you turn!
  • Tracker becomes static after a few seconds to save battery
  • Configurable number of blips
  • Optional Alien nest – large cluster of blips which indicates North
  • Optional battery level display
  • Year is always 2179 for obvious reasons